Here’s Why You Probably Shouldn’t Jailbreak Your Apple Watch | #ios | #apple | #iossecurity

iOS devices come with a ton of security measures baked in. This means not much is needed for the user to do security-wise besides follow basic safety precautions. However, when a device is jailbroken, this can open it up to a slew of security issues. It can make your watch more vulnerable to malware, as well as suspicious apps that could infect your watch or be used as spyware (via Gizmo Grind.)

Jailbreaking also has the potential to void any Apple warranty you have on the device, since it is a violation of the “iOS end-user software license agreement” as stated by Apple. This means they may deny you customer support if your watch breaks and they find that it was jailbroken. You could, however, attempt to return the watch to its factory settings so the jailbreak goes undetected, as many people do with iPhones.

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