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So you’re probably excited for the much anticipated Windows 11 and must be thinking that Windows 11 will be an easy-to-install upgrade. That is true but there still is a catch behind Windows 11. In a nutshell, if your PC or laptop is about 2-3 years old then chances are your computer may not run Windows 11.

Now of course your old computer may meet the specific requirements such as the processor being 1 GHz or faster, rocking 4GB of RAM, and at least 64GB of storage but there are certain additional components that Windows 11 require which might not be in your PC.

If you check the Windows 11 minimum requirements blog which you can find by clicking here, you’ll notice a requirement stating that CPUs must have an embedded TPM.

TPM chip requirement (Source: Windows Insider Blog)

TPM or Trusted Platform Module is a chip that is designed to provide hardware-based and perform security-related functions. This chip includes numerous physical security mechanisms to make malicious software from corrupting it. In other words, Microsoft is making a huge deal about security with regards to Windows 11 as previous versions of Windows could easily be infected with malware.

In a nutshell, if your PC does not have the TPM 2.0 chip then you might need to upgrade your PC. However, the TPM chip is just one of the reasons as Windows 11 is even shortlisting which generation of processors will come under the minimum system requirements as shown below.

Minimum processor requirements (Source: Windows Insider Blog)

Based on the image shown above, it just goes to show that your 3-4 year old may not run Windows 11 as you thought it would. However, this is just another mistake that Microsoft is making similar to what they did with Windows 8. The main reason is that due to the semiconductor shortage, computer components are now becoming expensive and if you either use a desktop or laptop it would be a hassle to upgrade.

More importantly, Windows 10 will not stay for too long as Microsoft will be pulling the plug from the ever-popular OS by 2025, in other words ending support for the OS.

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With such issues inbound for Windows 11 before the proper launch, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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