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Nicole Dezen (Microsoft)

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Microsoft is renowned for laying claim to the largest partner ecosystem in the world, so the release of Windows 11, the latest iteration of the vendor’s most ubiquitous product, is set to send ripples of influence throughout the global channel industry.  

The Microsoft partner community has for decades been at the centre of how the company brings technologies and business transformation to customers around the world. As such, the release of the Windows 11 is likely to impact partners of all kinds in a number of ways, some general in nature, others reasonably specific to the new features included in the latest iteration of the operating system.  

Starting with the general and entirely predictable impacts the new release is likely to have on partners, Windows 11 provides a new platform for distributors, resellers and services partners to innovate, grow their businesses and deliver on the “promise of digital transformation for customers across organisations and industries”.  

This is according to Nicole Dezen, Microsoft global partner solutions device partner sales vice president, who suggested in a blog post that showcasing the benefits of modern hardware on Windows 11 could help to accelerate device refresh among partners’ customers. 

Additionally, migrating customers to Microsoft 365 can help establish higher value, subscription revenue streams from device to the cloud – from monthly Microsoft 365 subscriptions to Azure Virtual Desktop and device-as-a-service (DaaS), according to Dezen.  

“Third, by leveraging Windows and Microsoft 365 technologies and tools such as Azure Active Directory, Intune, Endpoint Analytics, Autopilot and Cloud Configuration, partners are well-positioned to deliver highly scalable, cloud-based device and application deployment, management, custom solutions, and support services,” Dezen said.  

“And lastly, with Windows 11 and Microsoft 365, partners can deliver the zero trust ready identity and security services that commercial customers are searching for,” she added. 

As noted by Microsoft 365 general manager Wangui McKelvey in a separate post, Windows 11 is zero trust ready and secure by design, with new built-in security technologies designed to add protection from the chip to the cloud while enabling productivity and new experiences.  

Key security features like hardware-based isolation, encryption, and malware prevention are turned on by default. 

For global systems integrators (GSIs) and advisory partners, who play an integral role in advising customers on the value of migrating to a new version of Windows while providing services around deployment, desktop management services, device set up and support, Windows 11 will bring a host of additional engagement opportunities. 

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