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If you are an Apple user, you will know how vital your Apple ID is. The Apple ID is tied into the Apple ecosystem and you need it for all services including the App Store, iMessage, iCloud, FaceTime, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV…. well, everything. You also need your Apple ID to set up any new Apple device.

If for any reason you feel your Apple ID password has been compromised, or you are one of those high-functioning individuals who does the necessary housekeeping for passwords often – changing it takes just a few steps and we’ve listed it for you.

Obviously, you can only change your password if you remember your older password. If by any chance you have forgotten that, you need to take the reset password route that can be initiated from any Apple device.

Also, a new password you pick will have to have:

– At least 8 characters

– Have at least one number

– One uppercase letter

– One lowercase letter

– And you cannot reuse your older password from the last year

How to reset your Apple ID password from an iOS device

– On your iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch, go to ‘Settings’.

– Tap on your name at the top, and then on ‘Password & Security’.

– Tap on ‘Change Password’.

– You will have to enter your device passcode and then type in a new password and confirm it.

– Tap on ‘Change’.

– Once you are back on the main ‘Settings’ screen, you will have to sign in with your new password to access services and features now.

How to reset your Apple ID password from a Mac

– Click on the Apple menu from the top left-hand corner.

– Click on ‘System Preferences’, then click on the Apple ID tile.

– Click on ‘Password & Security’.

– Next, click on ‘Change Password’.

– Now, enter the password you are currently using to unlock your Mac computer.

– Next, enter your new password and verify it.

– Finally, click on ‘Change’.

How to reset your Apple ID password from the web

– Go to

– Click on ‘Sign In’ from the top menu bar and sign in to your Apple ID account.

– Click on ‘Sign-In and Security’ from the side menu.

– Now, select ‘Password’.

– Enter your current password, followed by the new password and confirm it.

– You can choose to sign out of all Apple devices and websites from here by selecting the checkbox.

– Finally, click on ‘Change Password’.

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