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Android 12, the next iteration of Google’s Android operating system, will bring a host of new security, privacy and productivity features to make the platform more usable and private for users on work profile devices, the company said earlier this week.

With Android 12, Google is simplifying password complexity by introducing a more straightforward and modern approach to password restrictions. By leveraging the new password complexity levels – high, medium or low- along with other Android security protections such as SafetyNet Attestation API and Google Play Protect, IT teams can be assured that the work devices are secure and easy-to-use.

However, admins willing to utilize more granular password can still do so via the work security challenge that enables an IT-approved password for access to data in the work profile, separate from a simplified password for the device.

With the improved device setup process in Android 12, users will now receive a prompt if their provided password doesn’t meet the complexity requirements set by their admin. Employees can either simply choose to increase the strength of their device password or set up a work security challenge to access apps in the work profile. Further, with IT’s approval, they can also switch back to one password for both work and personal.

Next, in Android 12, Google says it is streamlining credential management for unmanaged devices by expanding the process to apps beside the device policy client. The expansion will allow more companies to extend secure access to employees regardless of their location.

On the privacy front, Google is creating a new enterprise-specific device identifier for employee-owned managed devices. With this, personal devices will get a new identifier derived programmatically during enrollment, reducing their reliance on hardware identifiers such as IMEI or serial numbers limit that limit IT’s ability to track the device if the employee leaves the company.

Android 12 is currently in developer preview.

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