Here Is Why The Elden Ring Barbarians of Badlands DLC Leak Is Fake | #malware | #ransomware

Elden Ring fans were quite elated to get an exciting new leak today, which not only revealed the name of the rumored Elden Ring DLC but also its release date.

Yesterday, Bandai Namco was a victim of a ransomware attack by hacker group ALPHV. The news was shared by vx-underground, which is quite a popular and credible Twitter account tracking these attacks in the past. Notably, the Nvidia cyberattack was first revealed by the user and it was later confirmed by Nvidia, just like some of the other attacks the account had reported in the past. While Bandai Namco did not officially confirm the news, one would expect that some interesting developments would definitely follow such a big incident.


A new picture started making rounds on social media a while back, which reportedly contains a list of “Major Titles Planned for FY2023 Release” by Bandai Namco. While the list contains a number of titles that have been rumored for a long time now, the most notable name happens to be the Elden Ring DLC. As per the picture, the Elden Ring DLC is known as Barbarians of Badlands and will be releasing Q3 2023. While this has made a lot of fans in the Elden Ring community, the leak is nothing but fake from the looks of it. There is a myriad of reasons for the same.

First things first, the Tekken logo has been taken from a fan-made video that was posted a while back, and it was confirmed to be fake. Secondly, the next Digimon game to come after Survive was confirmed to be a story game that is not Cybersleuth and will be set in the Digital World. Moreover, if one pays close attention to the Dragon Ball Fighter Z Super logo, it looks like a clear edited amalgamation of Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Super, which is something one is less likely to see. Similar inconsistencies can be found in the other logos as well.

Considering the fact that pretty much the entirety of the leak can be concluded as fake, there is absolutely no probability that the Elden Ring DLC is true. Moreover, as many have pointed out, Barbarians of the Badlands is one of the least probable names for a Elden Ring DLC.

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