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Apple’s newly-launched iOS 14.3 fixes nine security vulnerabilities, some of which could be serious.

Apple launched iOS 14.3 this week, along with a bunch of cool features, including new privacy labels in the App Store. But along with these new features, the iPhone maker also patched nine security vulnerabilities, some of which could be serious.

As always, Apple doesn’t give much information about the security issues it fixed in iOS 14.3, so hackers don’t have the data they need to exploit them before everyone has updated their phones. 

Among the nine security vulnerabilities listed, two found by researchers at Google’s Project Zero impact FontParser. The second of these means that processing a maliciously crafted font file may lead to arbitrary code execution, which can be serious.

Another two security issues fixed in iOS 14.3 stemming from Apple’s ImageIO were found by Project Zero, and XingWei Lin of Ant Security Light-Year Lab. Both vulnerabilities mean that processing a maliciously crafted image may lead to arbitrary code execution.

Meanwhile another issue with WebRTC could also lead to remote code execution, while a Security issue addressed in iOS 14.3 could see unauthorized code execution lead to an authentication policy violation, Apple warns. 

Reasons to update to iOS 14.3

Of course, some people like to leave their iOS updates until later, because they are waiting for any additional bugs to be ironed out. But security updates are an important reason to make sure you are always on the current iPhone operating system. 

In this case, it’s particularly important—a few of the reported issues appear to be remote code execution vulnerabilities, says Sean Wright, SME application security lead at Immersive Labs.

“Given details are scarce, one should err on the side of caution and assume that these are exploitable from a webpage,” he warns. “Code execution is almost always a cause of concern, and should be paid attention to. I highly recommend people update when possible.”

At the same time, Wright advises, be mindful of applications you are installing and only install apps from the official App Store that you need and will use.

Apple’s iOS 14.3 offers some cool new iPhone features, but its security updates are really key. So if you haven’t updated yet, why not take a few minutes to do it now?

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