Hell hath no fury like KMBZ Radio’s Dana Wright after an alleged moving scam | #socialmedia

Courtesy Dana Wright

Popular local radio talk show host Dana Wright is on a social media rampage. For the past few days, the former KCTV5 investigative reporter turned co-host of KMBZ 98.1’s Dana & Parks has been cluing readers in on an ongoing saga.

Late last month, her parents Craig and Linda Wright hired movers to pack up all their belongings from a North Topeka storage unit into a 26-foot U-Haul trailer. The movers set out—ostensibly—to the elder Wright’s new home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. 

Then the movers went MIA—along with nearly 50 years of memories, personal effects, furniture, electronics, and other sundry items. It’s nearly a month to the day, and the movers still haven’t shown up. Now Dana Wright is on a quest to find a man who identified himself as “Jean St. Felix,” the apparent owner of JM Moving Company. 

When we talked to Wright earlier today, she was still seething. “Did you know the Department of Transportation’s website has an entire section on mover scams? It is a multi-billion-dollar scam industry in America,” she says. 


Courtesy Dana Wright

Wright says St. Felix has sent her parents a slew of text messages and voicemails but has yet to deliver the goods. In fact, the mover sent another video just today saying he was on his way. She and her parents fear the worst.

“Mom and Dad did everything most people would do when hiring a moving company—they checked his DOT number, which was legit. They looked up references, he had good reviews, a slick website, etc.,” she says. “He seemed super nice on the phone and was very nice when he showed up with another man June 21. The one thing I’ll say is trust nobody.

Now Wright is warning everyone: If this could happen to her folks, it could easily happen to you. “I don’t care if the Pope loads up your stuff—put an air tag in those boxes,” she says. “At least then we’d be able to track down the storage unit where they may be storing all of these stolen things.”

Wright reinforced that her parents saw very few red flags ahead of time. “They would have known what to look for—and this still happened to them,” she says. “[My mom] found him doing a Google search. He was one of the results that popped up for Topeka movers. If we could have done it differently, I would have hired someone known—known—in the community.”

St. Felix’s alleged accomplice—a Kansas City man who identified himself as Anthony Matthews—is on the lam as well. “I’m trying to track him down,” Wright says. “The young man who helped load their stuff has a prosthetic leg. How hard could it be to track down a 33-year-old man named Anthony with a prosthetic leg? It narrows the field down a bit.”

Wright feels for her parents who are still hoping for the best but have accepted they may have been scammed.

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Courtesy Dana Wright

“Everything is gone,” she says. “And they don’t care about the furniture. They took out moving insurance. But my grandparents’ ashes were on that truck. Letters from my grandfather that he wrote to my mom as a child when he was in Vietnam were on that truck. Every day, every hour she remembers something that was on that truck. Every time I talk to my mom, she bursts out crying. She’s inconsolable.” 

Wright adds that St. Felix has promised dozens of times he’ll be arriving “the next day” to no avail.

She feels he’s stringing her parents along—only adding insult to injury. 

“Mom has every single text, every e-mail, and recorded phone calls from him,” Wright says. “We found out later—from KCTV5’s Angie Ricono—[St. Felix] has convictions for cocaine possession and weapon charges.

I told my parents even if he shows up now, you can’t go meet him. I don’t want him anywhere near my mom and dad. And how is he still licensed through the DOT with weapon and drug violations?”

Wright’s social media posts have garnered hundreds upon hundreds of shares, and she won’t stop posting until law enforcement finds out what happened to her parents’ belongings.

Wright is in the midst of filing police reports along with federal paperwork. “We need help to stop him, so he doesn’t do this to anyone else,” she adds.

Stolen KC recently blasted Wright’s intel. Yahoo News and USA Today have both picked up the story. “I’m trying to get the Miami Herald to do something,” she says. “They need to be warned down south.” 

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