Heineken beer scam for Father’s Day goes viral on WhatsApp as millions issued warning | #socialmedia

WhatsApp users are being warned to avoid a nasty scam doing the rounds that promises a shed load of free beer to indulge in over Father’s Day – but be warned, the message has a far more cynical purpose

We all love a lager or two – but beware of strangers bearing gifts

People who use the messaging service WhatsApp have been warned over a new scam doing the rounds this Father’s Day.

All users are being warned to watch out for a cynical message relating to a message promising to give away free coolers of Heineken beer.

The alarm was raised by onlinethreatalterts, which said: “The Heineken Whatsapp scam, which claims to be giving away free Heinekens, is circulating on social media like wildfire.

“Recipients are asked not to follow the instructions in it. The scam tricks potential victims into visiting phishing, spam, and malicious websites that steal personal information, and account credentials.

“The scam may also trick potential victims into signing up for unwanted services.”

It is now thought the message is being passed on organically between friends and family.

The scam promises free beer

The trick falsely promises that 5,000 coolers are up for grabs, but when people go to claim their ‘reward’ they are met with a nasty surprise.

The message promises “free crates of beer” and that the “Heineken Beer Father’s Day Contest 2022” will deliver “5,000 coolers full of Heineken for your Dad”.

It is thought that the message appears from a contact with an image of an 18-pack of Heineken as its contact icon.

It comes with a link to a phoney beer website.

“If the link in the fake post is clicked, potential victims will be taken to the fraudulent website,” warned onlinethreatalerts.

Heineken has been outspoken on the matter too, making clear to consumers through its official channels that this is not a real offer and isn’t associated with the famous beer brand.

Heineken is one of the nation’s favorite beers

Heineken said: “The website is being used in phishing and scamming campaigns which are set up by cybercriminals.

“This is a scam.

“Please don’t click on links or forward any messages. Many thanks.”

The scam is similar to one that did the rounds back in 2020.

That competition promised people “free kegs of Heineken beer”, but of course, there never were any.

Heineken was forced to issue a statement dispelling any claims that the scam was not a real offer.

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