Hawke’s Bay-based Secure Right tapped by email security specialist Trustifi | #emailsecurity | #phishing | #ransomware

Thomas Hartley

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Expanding its global reach, US email encryption security company Trustifi has inked a partnership with Hawke’s Bay-based MSP and security specialist Secure Right.

Secure Right offers specialised, best-practice cyber security products and services to organisations in both Australia and New Zealand, Trustifi said, expanding its global reach. 

“In a global environment where one breached password could cause major disruption even in the most prominent of companies, it’s crucial to offer a comprehensive and layered approach to security services,” said Secure Right’s CEO Thomas Hartley. “Top-notch email security is crucial to that strategy.” 

Trustifi’s cloud-based infrastructure allowed end-users greater control to recall and revise content that’s already been sent in addition to a broad list of simple, one-click compliance capabilities, he said.

Trustifi had developed capabilities catering to a range of security regulations including PDPO for Hong Kong, POPI for South Africa, GDPR for Europe, and LGPD for Brazil, delivered as software a service (SaaS).

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