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(The Daily Dish) Have you ever had your computer hacked? This has become such a huge concern. Today we have Jeremy Shaw, owner of Shaw Computer Services to tell us how to proactively protect your info and what to do if a hacker breaks through.  

Do you know how serious the concern and fear of being hacked in the US is right now? It’s the worst it’s ever been. Computer companies are getting multiple calls a day for help. People often wonder how could they have known before they lost all of their information to hackers and the answer is, You won’t know until it’s to late.

Our guest, Jeremy with Shaw Computer Services recommends that is somebody finds out that they have been hacked or thinks that they have been hacked, they should shut down their computer immediately, contact their IT department or someone for help. If you’ve received something that you aren’t sure if it’s someone phishing for information or they’ve calling for information and it seems questionable, it probably is. Don’t answer the questions, don’t click on any links.

If you’re looking for what the professionals recommend doing to proactively protect their computers from being hacked, here is a list:

  • Antivirus protection.
  • Update the Operating system
  • Remove 3rd party programs
  • Add or enable 2 factor authentication
    • These are all ways to complete a layered way of protecting your computer.

If you would like more information or need someone to contact for help, visit the Shaw Computer Services website or you can contact their office at (707) 725-6442, they offer remote support all over the country.

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