Hartford (WI) resident charged in federal court with wire fraud | #phishing | #scams

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A Hartford woman was charged in federal court with two counts of wire fraud.

The charges against the defendant, Vicki Berka, were announced in a statement issued on May 3 by Richard G. Frohling, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

According to a news release from Frohling’s office: “According to the indictment, beginning in approximately July 2014, and continuing through at least September 26, 2017, Berka devised a scheme to defraud a Milwaukee business for which she served as Chief Financial Officer. According to the indictment, Berka used her position and bank account login credentials to embezzle approximately $2.7 million from Bader Rutter & Associates (“Bader”) for over three years. The indictment alleges that Berka used her authority to initiate numerous ACH transfers from Bader’s corporate accounts into a bank account she controlled and then made false entries in Bader’s general ledger to disguise her embezzlement.”

The news release further states: “The indictment also alleges that after the proceeds of her fraudulent scheme went into her bank account, Berka engaged in unlawful monetary transactions by transferring and spending these proceeds. If convicted of wire fraud, Berka would face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for each count.”

If convicted, Berka would face 10 years in prison for each count. The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated the case, and it is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Peter Smyczek.

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