Harrowing Photos From The Onion Office 3 Long Hours Into Our Twitter Ban | #socialmedia

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We tried to start a Substack so that we could finally speak freely on a platform that actually supports free speech. Except maybe they don’t? Or maybe they apply the idea of freedom of speech a little too freely? It seems like they’re silencing voices that need to be heard, or maybe some that shouldn’t be heard, except that freedom of speech means all speech, however barbaric or obscene, except maybe that’s too much latitude, but obviously if they’re a private platform they can say what they want not subject to government approval, except maybe if you’re a big enough platform there should be limits on what you can say, except how is that standard applied, exactly, but then maybe the question is should you be able to monetize speech that others find objectionable, although if people are willing to pay for it, isn’t that their business, but ultimately we as a community need to come together to hold each other accountable for what we say, or aren’t we doing that already, or maybe we’re trying to but it isn’t working, or maybe it is? Anyway, we found the whole discourse around it too confusing, so we deleted our Substack, and it’s back to trying to get back on Twitter, where we belong.

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