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In this time of rapid developments and advancements, cyber-crime is at its peak at the moment. Hackers have lots of new ways to trap a social media user and get his details to hack the account. In this context, cyber-security expert Javvad Malik has advised the users to avoid answering five questions that are frequently asked on social media. The hackers get the required information from these questions and secure data is compromised which makes it easy for them to hack the users’ accounts.

There are many platforms like Facebook where diverse posts have been uploaded on daily basis and one should avoid such creepy posts which ask the user’s personal information or mobile numbers and account reset options.

Usually many posts ask about the name of the first pet or mother’s maiden name or location or school which are very commonly asked questions. This information can be easily used by hackers to trap a person. The most dangerous question can be resetting the password.

Five Social Media Questions to Secure Data

According to Javvad, there are five questions that should be avoided and must not be responded.

  1. Any post that reveals the location could leave the user dangerously exposed. These days’ people are uploading their locations while eating and enjoying at a beautiful place can put the person in real trouble.
  2. Any post or question that requests to give information about personal identity could be troublesome. These include mother’s maiden name, part of address, date of birth e.t.c
  3. Any invites to game or third part application asks for the personal data. One should be very cautious in sharing information with the apps.
  4. Any post from an unknown person in which you are tagged is tricky. This post can be phishing scam or anything more dangerous. Such posts where you don’t know a person must be avoided and reported for sure.
  5. Any post that reveals the work place can be dangerous as it can put not only you but also others members of the staff in office in big trouble. The hacker will use your information to get access to the others colleagues information.

One should surely not post the personal information on public or respond to any such questions on social media platforms as hackers are always waiting eagerly to use peoples’ weaknesses to exploit them.

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