Hackers release reverse-engineered versions of GTA III and Vice City, Rockstar busts them | #Hacking | #computerhacking

Last week a small group of hackers released something pretty remarkable on Github: the reverse-engineered source code for both Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The project was years in the making, and its main purpose seems to have been both improving the experience on modern machines (with things like widescreen support) and being something of a collaborative tool for modders to more easily mess with the game (Eurogamer has an interesting writeup on the background).

The projects can be seen in action below, demonstrating some of the quality-of-life improvements made to both titles (GTAIII’s Steam port is not great) and functionality of stuff like the debug menu. They use the existing games’ PC assets along with the reverse-engineered source code: hence the respective names of Re3 (reverse-engineered 3) and reVC (reverse-engineered Vice City).

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