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Every day, like clockwork, around 11am, I get this email you can see above…

Someone – feasibly from Russia, I’d say – is trying to hack me. Not me, per say, but an EA Gaming account I had set up for Kyla, my Senior in High School Daughter who graduates Friday. She has played the SIMS for years, and, so years ago, I made her an account so she could manage the game, log in and play online. It had never been a problem…

… but then, Memorial Day Weekend, I got a notification that some of my data had been posted to the deep web, including some email account passwords and more.

I reset everything. All of it.

And that’s when the emails started coming in…

Now, whomever wanted to play the SIMS can’t play the SIMS now because both Kyla and I have changed all of the passwords and we’ve enabled stronger encryption, but nonetheless, every day, whomever this is… is trying to get back in.

And then, today I read this… saying the MOTHER OF ALL PASSWORD LEAKS may have just happened.

Ya’ll might want to check your passwords, I’m just saying. Because I have a really bad feeling we’re about to see some sort of crazy hacking-shenanigans in the not-too-distant future.

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