Greenwood phone scam; people pretend to be police and ask for money | #phishing | #scams

GREENWOOD, Ind. — The Greenwood Police Department is warning about a scam targeting residents via the phone.

In the scam, people are calling potential victims and leaving voicemails where they claim to be with Greenwood police. Once the person calls back, they get a voice message by someone impersonating a Greenwood officer. The voice message instructs them to leave their name and a call back number.

The scammers then call that number and identify themselves as Greenwood police. They tell the victim that a warrant is out for their arrest, and they must pay a certain amount of money or they’ll be arrested.

Greenwood police and Johnson County Sheriff’s Office say neither agency would ever call a resident to ask them for money.

If you ever receive a call of this nature, hang up and call the actual police.

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