Grandparent scam warning issued by Chatham-Kent police | #phishing | #scams

Chatham-Kent police say they continue to receive reports of suspicious phone calls from people purporting to be a family member or from the family member’s lawyer.

Police are issuing a fraud warning due to the scheme, often called the “grandparent scam”.

This person, sometimes claiming to be a grandchild, says they are in trouble with the police and requires money for bail. They often ask the victim not to tell anyone and need the money immediately. Scammers will use panic, threatening language or an aggressive tone to scare you into making payments.

Chatham-Kent police would like to remind everyone that personal or financial information should never be given over the phone, especially if you didn’t initiate the call.

Police say a key indicator you’ve received a scam call is if they ask for payment with iTunes or gift cards. If you receive this type of call, please hang up and call another family member.

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