Grammarly tips from the Data Doctor, to avoid grammatical errors | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

Q: Do you recommend using Grammarly and if so, which version?

A: Anyone that’s ever had to deal with the ‘Grammar Police’ online knows how a simple grammatical error can completely derail just about any conversation.

It’s also a potential problem when sending a business email that can either confuse the recipient or just plain make you look bad.

Whether it’s the proper usage of ‘there, vs their vs they’re’ or i.e. vs e.g. or that all-to-common rushed spelling of ‘to vs too’, having something to alert you to mistakes before you send an email or post something online is an essential tool these days.

Spell check and autocorrect have been wonderful tools in word processing programs for years, but they won’t necessarily catch grammar issues.

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