GPS fix rolling out to Pixel 6 handsets, August security patch rolling out in coming weeks | #android | #security

While many expected a new security update for their Pixel 6 devices, it looks like that has been put on hold for the time being. Instead, Pixel 6 owners will get a different update starting this week, focusing on fixing potential GPS issues with the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6a.

The team at Google announced that a new update would be rolling out to all Pixel 6 devices starting today. The update is arriving in phases for all three devices, so if you don’t get it now, don’t worry, it should arrive in the coming weeks. According to the post, the new update addresses a GPS issue, where the handsets could experience a “GPS location failure under certain conditions.” Although the conditions weren’t disclosed, this should be a very welcome update.

The update will begin rolling out over the air (OTA) and when you get it will be dependant on your wireless carrier. In a small note on the support website, Google also addressed the delay of its August 2022 Android security update. It didn’t explain why there was a delay in delivering the update but it did say that the update would be coming in the next few weeks. So be on the look out for both updates.

While the Google Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 have been out for some time, the newest addition to the bunch, the Google Pixel 6a, recently arrived to retail shelves. While the mid-range device offers a lot for its $449 price, some would say that it lacks the necessary features to make it a killer mid-range smartphone. Since its release, the handset has had several promotions, with one even dropping its price to $399. At this price, some of its shortcomings could be forgiven. If you’re on the fence about picking one up, check out our full review of the Pixel 6a. If you’re already convinced to buy, check out the best current deals before making your purchase.

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