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SALT LAKE CITY (March 24, 2022) – Today, Gov. Spencer J. Cox signed 78 bills and allowed one bill to become law without his signature. This brings the total number of signed, vetoed or law-without-signature pieces of legislation from the 2022 General Legislative Session to 499. 

SB 2, which sets the education budget, includes a 6% increase for the weighted pupil unit (WPU), sets the estimated basic levy rate, and appropriates new funding for a variety of public education purposes, including the following notable items:

  • $10 million one-time for $100 bonuses for teachers that have taken on extra assignments;
  • $8.7 million for the Teacher and Student Success Program;
  • $8.6 million one-time for small district and charter school base funding;
  • $8 million one-time for the K-12 computer science initiative;
  • $4 million for updating the special education WPU add-on calculation; and
  • $3.5 million for scaling teen centers to support students experiencing homelessness.

“We applaud the record-breaking support for education this year,” Gov. Cox said. “This legislation represents a tremendous investment in our students, our teachers and our future, and we are so pleased to show our schools the love they deserve.”

Information on other bills signed today can be found below. 

  • HB3: Appropriations Adjustments
  • HB8: State Agency Fees and Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization and Appropriations
  • HB33: Instream Water Flow Amendments
  • HB191: Revenue Bond and Capital Facilities Amendments
  • HB193: Full-day Kindergarten
  • HB293: Ground Ambulance Interfacility Transport Licensing
  • HB294: Charter School Admissions Amendments
  • HB301: Medication Dispenser Amendments
  • HB302: Educational Language Services Amendments
  • HB303: Local Land Use Amendments
  • HB318: Dental Provider Malpractice Amendments
  • HB320: Guardianship Bill of Rights
  • HB321: Restitution Amendments
  • HB323: Transient Room Tax Amendments
  • HB326: State Innovation Amendments
  • HB 333: Economic and Workforce Development Amendments
  • HB350: State Historic Preservation Office Amendments
  • HB369: Medical Panel Governmental Immunity Amendments
  • HB373: Convention and Tourism Business Assessment Area Act
  • HB374: Sensitive Materials in Schools
  • HB389: Nursing Education Program Amendments
  • HB390: Early College and Concurrent Enrollment Program Amendments
  • HB392: Expungement Fee Amendments
  • HB394: Recycling Transparency Amendments
  • HB396: Paid Professional Hours for Educators
  • HB412: Probation and Parole Employment Incentive Program
  • HB419: Audit Committee Authority Amendments
  • HB441: Community Paramedicine Amendments
  • HB456: Digital User Asset Payment Amendments
  • HB462: Utah Housing Affordability Amendments
  • HB475: Use of Public Education Stabilization Account One-time Funding
  • HB481: Education Reporting Amendments
  • HCR4: Concurrent Resolution Calling for Protection of Archaeological Sites
  • HCR15: Concurrent Resolution Condemning Antisemitism
  • HCR16: Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Student Athletes’ Right to Religious Freedom and Modesty
  • HCR17: Concurrent Resolution Supporting Utah’s Economic and Cultural Relationship with Taiwan
  • SB2: Public Education Budget Amendments
  • SB3: Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations
  • SB8: State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations
  • SB14: Consumer Alcoholic Beverage Purchasing
  • SB16: Licensing Amendments
  • SB21: School Standards Review Committee Sunset Extension
  • SB43: Occupational and Professional Licensing Modifications
  • SB44: Mental Health Professional Practice Act Amendments
  • SB60: Agreements to Provide State Services Sunset Extension
  • SB80: Real Property Recording Amendments
  • SB82: State Facilities Management Amendments
  • SB92: Project Entity Oversight Modifications
  • SB95: Limitations on Employer Liability
  • SB97: Solid and Hazardous Waste Amendments
  • SB100: Paid Leave Modifications
  • SB111: Permanent Community Impact Fund Board Amendments
  • SB115: Firearm Preemption Amendments
  • SB119: Preconstruction and Construction Liens Amendments
  • SB124: Criminal Code Recodification Cross References
  • SB147: Utah Communications Authority Amendments
  • SB148: Construction Registry Amendments
  • SB151: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact
  • SB152: Community Association Regulation Amendments
  • SB154: Naturopathic Physician Amendments
  • SB155: Guardianship and Conservatorship Amendments
  • SB164: Marriage Solemnization Amendments
  • SB171: Behavioral Health Curriculum Program
  • SB173: Alarm System Amendments
  • SB176: Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Amendments
  • SB182: Digital Asset Amendments
  • SB 195: Medical Cannabis Access Amendments
  • SB201: Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Enforcement Fund
  • SB204: Automobile Amendments
  • SB213: Business Name Prohibitions
  • SB214: Utah Broadband Center Advisory Commission
  • SB232: Military Installation Development Authority Revisions
  • SB244: Ethnic Studies Amendments
  • SB246: Statute of Limitations for Criminal Conduct Amendments
  • SB249: Public Employees’ Health Program Amendments
  • SB251: Grow Your Own Teacher and School Counselor Pipeline Program
  • SB258: Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Amendments
  • SCR9: Concurrent Resolution Honoring the Life and Achievements of Helen Foster Snow

The governor allowed one bill to become law without his signature:

  • HB146: Local Licensing Amendments

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