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Coming to Gmail this month and to Android 12 later this year.

Ahead of World Emoji Day, Google has announced a revamp of nearly 1,000 emojis to make them “more universal, accessible and authentic.” These new emojis will be available across all of Google’s products and services, including Android, Gmail, Chat, ChromeOS, and YouTube.

Google has also redesigned the emojis to make them more inclusive, with some of them switching to a new design when you enable dark mode.

Redesigned Google Emojis Are More Inclusive and Easier to Understand

In its announcement on The Keyword, the company notes that its redesigned emojis are globally relevant. It highlights this with the example of the Pie emoji, which previously looked very similar to an American pumpkin pie. After the redesign, though, the Pie emoji has a universal appeal making it easier for everyone across the globe can recognize that it is a pie.

With the face mask emoji gaining relevance over the last year, Google has redesigned it as well. For easier understanding and improved visibility, Google has increased the sizes of the transportation emojis in the small space that they take up.

Image Credit: Emojipedia

All the revamped emojis have a flatter design, with some getting subtle tweaks and others like that of buildings, clothing, food, travel, etc., being completely redesigned.

Do note that Google has only redesigned 992 existing emojis, and this update does not include any new emojis. Google will likely add new Emojis to Android and its other products once Emoji 14.0 is released.

There are other ways through which you can get the latest emoji on your Android device right away.

You can head over to Emojipedia to get a detailed overview of all the emoji changes that Google has introduced as a part of its redesign.

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New Google Emoji Are Coming Soon to Gmail and Android

The redesigned emojis will first show up in Gmail and Google Chat from this month. They will then make their way to Chromebooks along with an improved emoji picker with the release of Chrome OS 92, which is scheduled for release at the end of July. The new emojis will be available on YouTube and live Chat by the end of this year.

On Android, the new emojis will make their way to the public with the release of Android 12 later this year. Google is also ensuring that the new emojis will be available across all Android apps as long as they use Appcompat. Any app supporting Appcompat will get the latest Google emoji as and when they become available without waiting for an OS or app update.

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