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Cybersecurity researchers discovered that Google’s security software detected only 31% of spyware threats on Android devices, failing to recognize 20 out of 29 malicious apps in a recent security application test.

Antivirus software organization AV-Test (via Atlas VPN) tested a number of popular security software applications to see their overall spyware (also known as stalkerware) detection performance on Android. The results revealed Google Play Protect, the built-in security software on Android devices, had the lowest success rate. 

According to the results, Google’s security feature detected only nine out of 29 spyware threats in the test. This means potential hackers have a better chance to slip spyware in Android apps on the Google Play Store without any flags being raised.

Spyware can be used to monitor and record private information on a user’s smartphone, giving them full access to login credentials, bank account details, sensitive cryptocurrency information, and more. With Google Play Protect failing to catch nearly 70% of threats, the tech giant may need to address the security software’s effectiveness.

Google Play Protect is used to automatically run safety checks on apps from the Google Play Store before users download them. It’s free to use and is native to all Android devices, warning users of potentially harmful apps and removing them.

While Google’s security feature is free, so are a number of antivirus applications that scored highly in the spyware test. Antiy AVL, Bitdefender Mobile Security, and Trend Micro Mobile Security detected all 29 spyware threats, while ESET Mobile Security and Kaspersky Internet Security detected all but one.

The test also showed NortonLifeLock Norton 360, the second-lowest scoring security application, detected 17 out of 29 spyware apps — nearly double what Google Play Protect could recognize as a threat. 

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