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When Google launched Google Pay in 2018, it removed the Wallet moniker entirely. Eventually, ‘Wallet’ was discontinued when its functionality was integrated into the Pay application. Now, it appears that Google is bringing back the Wallet, but not as a standalone application.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Google is developing a Wallet user interface for Google Play Services. Everything from digital cards to gift cards, as well as other items such as AMC stubs, plane tickets, and more, will find a home in this folder. Rahman also shared comprehensive screenshots of what he believes the redesigned Wallet user interface would look like.

So, how will it vary from Google Pay in terms of functionality? According to Mishal Rahman, Pay will continue to be your go-to app for contactless payments, while Wallet will serve as the interface for storing all of your credit and debit cards.

Google Wallet to Make a Comeback But not as a Standalone App

Currently, you may manage the majority of your credit and debit cards with Google Pay. According to the screenshots above, you’ll be able to access the Wallet UI from within the app’s interface. It is possible that cards stored in your Wallet will be accessible on other Google services as well.

So, to put it simply, Wallet will serve as a storage space for your credit and debit cards, while Google Pay will assist you in making payments. Confused? When Google makes Wallet official again, it should, hopefully, be able to put everything back in order.

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