Google updates Wear OS ‘No notifications’ message | #Adroid | #security

The underlying experience of using Wear OS saw small changes late last year in the form of new Tiles and a revamped Fit workout UI, while the H-MR2 update continues rolling out. An even smaller tweak today sees Google change up the “No notifications” message that Wear OS users frequently see throughout the day.

When you have no active alerts, swiping up on the Wear OS watch face shows a fairly standard “No notifications” message, which is also used on Android devices.

Some users have noticed today that this has changed, with watches cycling through a handful of new prompts: “Nothing to see here,” “All clear,” and “Check again later.” The font has also been updated from Roboto to Google Sans, with the added character thickness and width helping visibility on small screens.

These alternates are somewhat conversational and more friendly — though the first one is vaguely ominous — in a manner that’s reminiscent of Google Assistant at the top of the Snapshot feed. For comparison, Fitbit smartwatches say “You’re all caught up!” and the Apple Watch is also “No Notifications.”

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