Google snaps up cybersecurity firm Mandiant for £4.1bn | #microsoft | #hacking | #cybersecurity

The CMA has approved Google’s changes to its privay sandbox. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Alphabet’s Google has snapped up cybersecurity firm Mandiant for $5.4bn (£4.1bn) in cash as the company expands its thriving cloud business.

Google’s offer of $23 per share is at a premium of about 53 per cent to Mandiant’s stock price before a report that said Microsoft was eyeing a deal to buy the company, Reuters reported this morning.

It comes as Google continues to grow and expand its business, generating more than $19bn annually, with the cloud business particularly thriving.

Mandiant is a publicly traded US firm, which focuses on cyber-incident response and cybersecurity testing.

It became widely known in February 2013 when it released a report directly implicating China in cyber espionage.

The deal comes at time where the cybersecurity threats across the world are particularly prominent, and allow Google to build a competitive edge against tech rivals like Microsoft.

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