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In a new update to the Google search engine, the internet giant has added a musical instrument tuner tool. The new feature will allow users to tune a guitar using the device’s microphone just like any other guitar app available on the Google Play Store or Apple’s app stores.

The feature was made available on October 7 and can be accessed by updating the browser on the phone or computer that has a microphone. The feature was first spotted by Andriod Police.

How to use Google guitar tuner?

Go to the Google search bar and simply type ‘Google Tuner’ to use the feature. To enable this feature, Google needs permission to use the device’s microphone. Though the feature works well on most devices, the quality of the microphone on your mobile phone or computer influences the output from the instrument tuner. 

The Google Tuner functions like a physical tuner and when the user plays a string on the guitar, the tuner immediately captures the note and displays recommended notes for playing. 

Google’s new features

According to last month’s release, Google introduced some features to the platform, a stable update to Chrome 94, including new security features, and bug fixes for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows operating systems. Also, some of the other features like environment-friendly routing, light navigation for cyclists, and sharing og Google Maps information related to the capabilities of bikes and scooters to reduce carbon emissions. 

In addition, a new search filter with Gmail and Andriod has been introduced by Google to allow users to quickly and easily filter email search results on their phones. In the Gmail app, the search filter appears right below the search box whereby entering a specific name or time desired email will be filtered. Also, a new setting has been added for the Google app on Andriod to allow users to choose whether they want personalised search results.

Google revises Ad policy

In another update, Google announced that it will update its ads and monetisation policies on climate change. According to the updated policy, the company will not post ads with wrong information or content concerning climate change on the Google Search Engine or on YouTube. Some of the content that wouldn’t be considered for monetisation includes content claiming climate change as false, statements that deny global warming, and further deny greenhouse has emissions or human activity is responsible for climate change. 

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