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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers available. It is the favorite of millions thanks to the multiple tools, features and high compatibility it offers.

One of the best valued features in Google Chrome is the dark mode. This theme applies a more visual-comfortable interface with less white tones that negatively impact the eyes.

However, many Google Chrome users are facing an issue where dark mode in Google Search behaves erratically.

More specifically, Google Chrome dark mode in Google Search is not working properly while searching for images (Google Images). Also, the Google Search dark mode is automatically changing to the light theme in any section for some.

Google Search dark mode on Chrome not working for Images or Pictures

The first issue occurs when you are in the Google Search Images or Pictures section on Chrome. According to multiple reports, Google Images maintains the light theme even if the user has set the dark mode.


Dark theme not working while browsing pictures

I’ve had dark theme turned on for a while and it worked perfectly fine, but after restarting my laptop, whenever I go to the pictures page it turns back to light mode.
I’ve already tried switching it on and off and checking if it’s not caused by any dark mode extentions.

Reports indicate that trying to install a third-party dark theme on Google Chrome does not help to resolve the issue.

Pictures Tab in Chrome doesnt apply darkmode

Hi, my Chrome doesnt apply Darkmode. It just stays on Device-Standard (wich is also dark). Is there any way to prevent getting flashbanged every time i look at pictures? I also installed a seperate darktheme. No effect tho 🙁

You can see the problem more clearly in the following video:

Also, neither updating Chrome nor removing cookies and extensions help to solve the problem.


Google Search dark theme on Chrome changing to light theme

Some users are experiencing the issue more generally, as the Chrome dark theme in Google Search reverts to the light theme in any search (not just Google Images).

Google dark mode not working properly

Hey, so, I changed my google search settings to dark mode and it works but only partially, by that I mean that whenever I search for something its in light mode but after a refresh it gets into dark mode. This only seems to be happening on Google Chrome and no other browser. I’ve tried resetting my settings completly, even clearing flags. Nothing seems to work. Any bit of info helps


There is still no official acknowledgment on the issue from Google. We will update this story if there are any new events related to the topic.

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