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As strongly evident by our website name and the content we report daily, we are really into Chromebooks and the operating system they run. This is also the case for many others who use Chrome OS on a daily basis and enjoy the benefits of a lightweight operating system that runs pretty much everything on the cloud. It is therefore no surprise or bother to us when we see the name of the operating system we know and love misspelled all over the internet by those that may be new to the ecosystem. It appears though that this is not the case with Google.

As reported by 9to5Google, Google has decided to unify the branding and drop the space between “Chrome” and “OS,” making it just one word. Similarly, Chromium OS — the open-source version of Chrome OS used primarily by developers — will be rebranded to “ChromiumOS.” The change is documented via a commit in Chromium Gerrit that states the following:

Update Chrome OS to ChromeOS (string update)

Branding changes to unify and update Chrome OS to ChromeOS (removing the space). This CL also includes changing Chromium OS to ChromiumOS as well.

Commit via Chromium Gerrit

My guess is that Google wants to avoid any more inconsistencies in how “ChromeOS” is written and make this new branding the standard going forward. This includes any reference to the OS in the code itself. According to 9to5, the timing of this change means that we probably won’t see anything on our end until version 102, which is set to arrive in May. I like the rebrand as it brings it more in line with other operating systems, like macOS, for example. We’ll keep an eye on this and report back once we start seeing these changes show up.

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