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The Google Recorder app is one of those exclusive Pixel phone apps that enjoyed quite a bit of positive feedback when the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were released back in October. The 3.0 version update brought a new “Material You” look, support for more languages, and dynamic theming support. All that aside, the killer feature that had everyone talking was how it instantly transformed audio into searchable text that you could also edit while working offline.

According to a report by 9to5Google, version 3.5 of the app has started rolling out, and it brings a few more “Material You” tweaks as well as the addition of a Quick Settings tile. The more notable UI tweaks include some improved spacing between elements on the app’s homepage and the switch of the play/pause button from a rounded rectangle to a circle. The rewind and fast forward buttons were tweaked as well, now matching the new play/pause button in size.


Comparison of Recorder app’s old vs. new UI
Source: 9to5Google

The Quick Settings tile lets you start a new recording session from the Quick Settings menu on your Pixel without having to open the app. It also allows you to stop, save, or pause the recording.

New Recorder Quick Tile on Pixel Phones
Source: 9to5Google

The update (version 3.5.430636922) started rolling out yesterday to Pixel phones via the Google Play store; however, I have not received it myself as it is not yet widely available for all users. We will continue to check for updates until the new version graces our phones and, if you are a Pixel owner, we’d suggest you do the same.


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