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Today is the day the Google Pixel 6a officially hits stores, and a security update is already waiting to be installed. This update was announced in the Google Pixel Community; however, the Pixel Update bulletin has not been updated yet with details of what this update covers, other than security patches for Pixel 6a users.

Google states that the rollout for this update begins today and will continue over the next week in phases. However, how soon you get it may depend on your carrier network – assuming your 6a isn’t unlocked. Users will receive a notification once the OTA becomes available for their device.

The Pixel 6a ships with the April 5th update (SD2A.220123.051.A3) and, depending on your carrier, should receive the below software versions with this patch:

Global (Unlocked)
• Pixel 6a: SD2A.220601.003

• Pixel 6a: SD2A.220601.001.A1

AT&T, T-Mobile
• Pixel 6a: SD2A.220601.002

• Pixel 6a: SD2A.220601.004

According to 9to5Google, this update could be equivalent to either the June or August security patch, but they are waiting on confirmation from Google on which one it is. However, Google did confirm that the Pixel 6a will be eligible for the Android 13 Beta Program as early as next week for those interested. We will update this post as more information is available on this patch.

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