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How do I fix Google Photos not working?

How to fix Google Photos not working on iPhone

If Google Photos has stopped working on your iPhone, you should apply the below steps that can easily fix all your problems:

Clear Google Photos caches

Open your iPhone’s Settings and then tap on Applications.

Now scroll down and then choose the Google Photos app from the list of various apps.

Now follow the instructions to clear the available caches in the Google Photos app.

Remove and reinstall Google Photos

First of all, open search, search for Google Photos app on your iPhone screen, and after finding it, long press on the app.

Now you will see a cross over the application and then press this mark to remove the application.

After that, open the App Store and then search for Google Photos.

Now install it and then enter your login credentials again to use Google Photos.

How to fix Google Photos not working on Android?

If you are an Android user and you are having trouble accessing the Google Photos app, you just need to fix it. You just need to apply a few simple methods that are easy to follow and detailed below:

Update the Google Photos app

First of all, open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone.

Click Menu available at the top and then choose Settings.

Now select My apps and games.

Now you will see the applications installed on your device and then choose the Google Photos application to update.

After that, click on the Update tab and then your app will start updating.

Go to Settings on your Android and then tap on the App Manager.

Now tap on All apps and then choose Google Photos.

After that, tap on the Clear Caches tab and then it will clear all the unwanted caches that are preventing Google Photos from working.

4 ways to fix glitches in Google Photos

Method 1. Restart your phone or PC

Turn off the phone or computer by following the normal steps and then turn it on again, or you can force a restart. You can turn off your phone or computer by pressing or holding the power button to turn off the power, and then turn it back on, and then try launching Google Photos again.

Method 2. Update the application

The versions of the applications are often updated because they can correct errors in the application. If you don’t update your app in time, it is likely to cause various problems.

1. Open Google Play on your phone.

2. Select the Menu icon on the left side of the page.

3. Click My Apps & Games.

4. On this page, you can see if any programs need to be updated, swipe the screen to search for Google Photos and select Update.

Method 3. Update the browser

If you use a browser to open Google Photos on your computer and Google Photos fails, and your browser is still an older version, try updating the browser to the latest version. Outdated web browsers can have serious security problems, and if they are not updated in time, some errors often occur.

Here are the steps to update Chrome manually:

1. Click the menu bar located in the upper right corner of the browser, click Help> About Google Chrome.

2. At this point, the browser will automatically start to check if your Chrome has a newer version. If there is a newer version, the browser will start downloading automatically.

3. After Chrome automatically downloads and installs the latest updated version, you need to click Restart and Chrome will restart.

A long-term automatic backup can put a strain on Google Photos, disabling the backup for a period of time and then restarting it can fix the Google Drive freezing issue.

1. Open Google Photos, click the menu icon at the top, and tap Settings.

2. Select Backup and sync, there is a switch next to Backup and sync on the next page, turn it off.

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