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Google OnHub router support would soon end, as confirmed by the giant search engine company. Right now, many consumers are still relying on this old-school internet gadget since it still allows them to have access to the online world. 

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However, they would soon need to replace their OnHub routers once Google completely halts updates. First launched back in August 2015, this modem allowed many consumers to access the internet. 

After that, a new OnHub router, developed by ASUS, replaced the very first version. For the past few years, it continuously received advanced features and updates, such as IFTTT support and Chrome OS availability. 

Google OnHub Router Support’s EOL Details

OnHub router received the “Guest Wi-Fi with Device Sharing” function and other advanced enhancements after it hit the one-year mark of its launch. 

Google OnHub Router Support's EOL to Happen by 2022: Firm Says to Upgrade to Nest WiFi! Benefits and Other Details

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But, the essential enhancements for this internet model would soon be over as Google plans to end its support for the wifi gadget, as reported by Android Community. 

“Since OnHub routers were introduced 6 years ago, a lot has changed. In 2022, support for these older devices will end,” said Google via its official Google Nest Help blog post. 

The exact EOL (End-of-Life) schedule for OnHub is December 19, 2022. Before this date arrived, Google said that it would still release the needed enhancements, such as fixes and software updates. 

But, the search engine giant still suggested that consumers need to get a new wifi setup as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here are the specific things that would happen after December 19, 2022: 

  • You won’t be able to update things like wifi network settings, add additional wifi devices, or run speed tests. 
  • OnHub performance can’t be guaranteed.
  • Google Assistant features like “Hey Google, pause my wifi” will stop working. 

What Users Need to Do 

Google explained that the best thing that users can do is to upgrade their OnHub to Google Nest wifi. Doing this would provide the following benefits: 

  • Check your peak internet usage on a graph to help you understand if your current internet plan is the best fit for your home.
  • Get notifications when new or inactive devices join the network.
  • Run speed tests and receive insights to help you understand how you can improve your internet connection speed on a specific device.
  • Get real-time connection speed information to help identify the issues and receive troubleshooting tips to improve your device’s performance.

In other news, a new Google AR OS is expected to arrive. Meanwhile, Google Workspace received a new update for Drive files. 

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