Google Nest, Leary Firefighters donates to Mendham FD | #education | #technology | #training

The Mendham Fire Department began in 1905 as a citizen bucket brigade with $517 in the bank.

This week, the volunteer company was awarded a $25,000 “Thank You” grant from Google Nest and The Leary Firefighters Foundation to fund new technology and continue its community-safety mission.

“We’re thrilled and incredibly grateful to Google Nest and The Leary Firefighters Foundation for this grant, and we believe it will greatly enhance our ability to better serve the greater Mendham community,” Mendham Fire Department Deputy Chief Michael Orgera said. “We’ve been talking for a while about how we can bring more training directly into our department, and leverage newer technology and products to better equip our volunteers.”

Mendham Fire Department

Google Nest, which sells smart home products including smoke detectors and security systems, and The Leary Firefighters Foundation, founded by actor and activist Denis Leary, presented a similar award this week to the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department in suburban Baltimore, Maryland as part of its 2021 program.

The Mendham Fire Department — representing the combined forces of the former Mendham Hose and Mendham Independent Hook & Ladder companies — was recognized by the granters for operating the largest junior training program in Morris County, working with students ages 15-18 to train them for fire school.

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