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A monumental new update is underway for the copy-paste functionality on Google and Microsoft browsers. The new update will affect what you copy-paste from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to native apps on your device and vice versa.

As per a report by Windows Latest which claims to have seen multiple design documents, Google is working on a new “Pickle Clipboard APIs” update which will enhance the default clipboard facility for browsers. Microsoft is in as well. The enhanced functionality will now enable users to copy-paste more types and formats of content that is currently possible.

Currently, web apps based on Chrome and Edge offer limited copy-paste functionality to access the clipboard. The list of file types that can be copy-pasted at this time in both browsers are .txt, jpg, png, HTML as well as other popular Windows 10, macOS, Linux or mobile platform formats.

With the new update, if implemented, could provide a solution to the problem of not being able to copy-paste formats like TIFF and .docx. As per the website, you will be able to “copy and paste custom file formats between web apps and native apps on Windows, macOS, Android and other platforms.”

It lists the key benefits of the upcoming clipboard API by Microsoft and Google:

  • Copy-paste between web and native apps will be allowed, as it will not be handled by the browser but the device OS clipboard.
  • Customer clipboard formats can be created by developers.
  • Will ensure security and privacy.
  • “Fine-grained” control over clipboard.

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