Google, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla address browser pain points | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

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Web browser makers Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla have forged a cross-browser benchmark initiative, called Interop 2022, intended to address interoperability pain points on the web platform.

The initiative has produced a public metric to assess progress toward fixing browser interoperability issues. Also participating in the initiative, which was announced March 3, are web consulting firm Bocoup and software consultant Igalia.

Interop 2022 has three investigative areas with spans editing, contentEditable, and execCommand, alongside pointer and mouse events plus viewport measurement.

In addition, the initiative has 10 new focus areas which covers cascade layers, colour spaces and functions, containment, dialog element and forms, as well as scrolling, sub-grid, typography and encodings, viewport units and web compatibility.

These 10 new areas join five areas adopted from Google and Microsoft’s previous Compat 21 effort:

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