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Now that millions of people are trying to get back to normal life as best they can, Google has stepped in once again as they have through the entire pandemic to assist. Google Maps is gaining several new features that will help you reminisce and plan for the future as you figure out what traveling will look like for you and your family going forward.

First, new transit crowdedness predictions for over 10,000 transit agencies in 100 countries will be rolling out to users so that you can understand capacity or open seats, for example, and to feel as safe as you can while you plan ahead. You can also tell Maps how crowded it is with a few taps as you utilize mass transit so it can update this information for other riders.


Additionally, a new Timeline Insights tab will show you and only you monthly trends about how you navigate the world (Android only). So long as you’ve kept your Location History active in Maps, you’ll begin seeing how far you’ve traveled by car, foot, plane, or bike and how long you’ve spent at different locale types such as shops, airports, restaurants, etc. It’s either going to be very awesome or very creepy (or maybe a bit of both) depending on who you are.

Google made sure today to remind you that you can modify what information is collected or manage it in bulk, in-line, or with auto-delete controls right from within said timeline. Don’t forget that you can turn the timeline off entirely, or simply manage everything through your Google My Account section or My Activity respectively.


Perhaps one of the best features announced today was the complete integration of Google Trips into Maps. I’ve been a big-time fan of everything that Trips has offered for years now, and when the company shut down its individual app in favor of a web experience, I wasn’t too happy. Luckily, the web interface included almost every feature that predated it in the app, but having it baked directly into Maps both makes complete sense, and works really well as you can see below!

Lastly, more detailed review tools are being enabled for all users on Android and iOS and will appear while leaving feedback on any Restaurant in the United States (more countries and categories in the future, of course). Extra, highly specific questions will appear below your ‘Share more about your experience’ text field and photo upload tool.

Some of the examples given include choosing whether you got dine-in, take-out, or delivery, if you got breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or something else, and how much money you spent per person during your visit. I can’t wait to see more specific questions for other categories outside of the food industry!


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