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More patches for its latest phones


Last week marked the first time the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro received an on-time security update since launch, timed perfectly with the rest of Google’s smartphone lineup. Today, the company followed suit with a mysterious new build for both phones.

Google uploaded new builds this afternoon, with slightly different version numbers versus what Google rolled out earlier this month. It’s unusual for the company to release a second patch in a month, especially without comment. Factory images and OTA files are now live on Google’s website, and it’s rolling out to users as we speak.

Left: Google’s original lineup of February builds. Right: Google’s latest builds for the Pixel 6.


While there’s still no official changelog, Daniel Micay on Twitter laid out what’s new in this build. It’s nothing significant, primarily adding a missing security fix from AOSP and updating the camera’s hardware abstraction layer APEX file. It doesn’t seem like this particular build has anything to do with those Wi-Fi connection complaints or the recent launch in Italy, Singapore, and Spain, as we had initially theorized.

It’s yet another strange update in the long list of odd releases since launch. December’s patch was seemingly held back in regions like the US before being outright pulled, while January’s fixes came days after other current Pixels had already received it.

You can download the factory images or OTA files straight from Google’s developer site or check your phone’s settings for the patch.


Notes on what’s changed

We’ve updated our coverage with more information on what changed in today’s unexpected patch.


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