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Another day, another damning in-depth report regarding the (lack of) Google Play security uncovers a huge new list of seemingly legit Android apps that are in fact to be avoided at all costs. 

Even if you’re not easily intimidated by these types of threats and (increasingly) frequent warnings, it’s hard to simply ignore that we’re looking at a fourth (!) batch of malicious apps published in just the last three weeks, with the total number of potential July victims entering eight-digit territory.

Here are all the new apps you need to avoid, delete, and never again install on your phone

  • Photo Editor: Beauty Filter
  • Photo Editor: Retouch and Cutout
  • Photo Editor: Art Filters
  • Photo Editor – Design Maker
  • Photo Editor & Background Eraser
  • Photo & Exif Editor
  • Photo Editor – Filters Effects
  • Photo Filters & Effects
  • Photo Editor : Blur Image
  • Photo Editor : Cut, Paste
  • Emoji Keyboard: Stickers & GIF
  • Neon Theme Keyboard
  • Neon Theme – Android Keyboard
  • Cashe Cleaner
  • Fancy Charging
  • FastCleaner: Cashe Cleaner
  • Call Skins – Caller Themes
  • Funny Caller
  • CallMe Phone Themes
  • InCall: Contact Background
  • MyCall – Call Personalization
  • Caller Theme (com.caller.theme.slow)
  • Caller Theme (com.callertheme.firstref)
  • Funny Wallpapers – Live Screen
  • 4K Wallpapers Auto Changer
  • NewScrean: 4D Wallpapers
  • Stock Wallpapers & Backgrounds
  • Notes – reminders and lists
  • Poco Launcher
  • 4K Pro Camera
  • YouToon – AI Cartoon Effect
  • Pista – Cartoon Photo Effect
  • Water Reminder- Tracker & Reminder
  • Yoga- For Beginner to Advanced
  • Chat Online

Just how many different photo editors you need to realize your camera is simply not that great? Aren’t there enough well-established, well-reviewed, and all-around awesome keyboard tools available from respected developers and companies to discourage you from ever trying to find the “next big” alternative? Don’t you have something better to do than download something called “Funny Caller” or “Funny Wallpapers” on your phone?

These are only a few of the questions you might want to ask yourself the next time you feel bored browsing Google Play’s lists of the hottest and most popular titles available for free. A little self-awareness and research could go a long way in helping you avoid the old Joker infestation, unauthorized subscriptions to bogus “premium” services, intrusions on personal information like email addresses and phone numbers, and so many other scams and tricks designed to ultimately cost you money.
Of course, no amount of research and care can prepare you for the occasional “super-virus”, which somehow gets to be popular, earn solid reviews, and slip through the Play Store cracks for an inexplicably long period of time. 

What is Google even doing?!

For the most part, not much, watching helplessly as malicious titles like the above enter the Play Store and rip off some users before cybersecurity experts flag these apps, at which point many of them disappear without a trace.

Unfortunately, there are those cases when Google doesn’t even do this bare minimum, leaving Joker-infected, data-stealing, and money-fleecing apps to wreak havoc on more and more phones after security researchers do what they do best.

At least three of the apps listed above, which will remain unnamed for fairly obvious reasons, are in that situation at the time of this writing, running free in everyone’s most trusted Android app store despite having been proven guilty of various egregious money and data-stealing tactics. 

If history is any indication, all of these apps will eventually be terminated, but many others are likely to return, hungrier, more sophisticated, and harder to detect. Alas, these are constant threats you’ll need to learn to live with and protect yourself from sans waiting for a lot of help from Google, starting of course with deleting each and every flagged title you’ll find lurking on your Android device.

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