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Google is celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month by reminding users they will be enrolled in the two-step authentication sign-in process.

Google is celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month by sharing more information about two-factor authentication. Cybersecurity has become a bigger issue in recent years, with users more concerned than ever about protecting themselves. Unfortunately, as people continue to share more online, the threat of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands deepens.

Google is doing what it can to help combat this. Earlier this year, the company shared it would make two-factor authentication login the standard going forward. At the time, Google emphasized the importance of the extra security measure.

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Now, Google has revealed it will configure 150 million accounts by the end of the year and require two million YouTube creators to turn on the two-step verification. One thing Google has done to persuade users to add the feature ahead of time is make the process very easy. Users just have to tap their mobile devices while signing in. This system may not work for everyone, which is why Google is working on technology to make the process more convenient. The company is currently auto-enrolling accounts that “have the proper backup mechanisms in place.” Users should take Google’s quick Security Checkup to make sure their settings are up-to-date.

How to Keep Your Accounts Safe

Part of Google’s security work has involved creating security keys. These require authentication for suspicious sign-in attempts. It has partnered “with organizations to provide free security keys to over 10,000 high-risk users this year.” Android users have automatic access to these security keys, and Apple device users can use the Google Smart Lock app. According to Google, over two billion devices support these security keys that utilize two-step verification sign-in.

Account holders should utilize Google’s Password Manager on Chrome, Android, and the Google App. This program keeps passwords safe on all sites and apps. Users can create stronger passwords without having to worry about remembering them or repeating them. With this software, Google also “checks the security of one billion passwords to protect accounts from being hacked.” iOS users can sign in with one tap by selecting Chrome to autofill passwords. Google is also creating an update that will allow Apple users to generate strong passwords like what’s available on Android. Another update in the works is the ability to access all saved passwords in the Password Manager through the Google App menu.

Google has also launched another feature to keep accounts safe, Google Identity Services. This system uses secure tokens instead of passwords to sign in to partner sites like Reddit and Pinterest. This new feature represents “the future of authentication and protects against vulnerabilities like click-jacking, pixel tracking, and other web and app-based threats.” To learn more about Google‘s work to protect its users’ accounts, visit its Safety Center.

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