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Free to attend virtually, with a limited in-person audience

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Google has just released its puzzle for Google I/O 2022, offering us to “untangle a string.” After much collective frustration trying to solve the four-part puzzle, which is one of Google’s hardest so far, the date has been revealed: Google I/O 2022 will happen from May 11th-12th in the Shoreline Amphitheater (its usual spot). Although there will be a limited in-person audience, the event will be virtual for most of us.


This year’s puzzle was particularly tricky, with a musical component that eluded many. It was a four-part puzzle based on a series of physical and musical loops that had to be configured on a set of hints. When completed, the four loops together played a tune.


The puzzle may have been silently solved earlier this afternoon, but Sundar Pichai tweeted out the news for those of us that weren’t able to finish it on our own:

If you’re curious what the puzzle’s ultimate song sounds like, it’s available to listen to right now over on the Google I/O site, where you can also register and create a profile for the upcoming event. It’s a bubbly tune — very “Googly.”

Google tells us that the event will be broadcast live, with a limited in-person audience. It’s also open free for everyone virtually, as last year’s fully remote Google I/O was. It’s not clear how many people will be able to attend or what the requirements for in-person attendance might be, but developers should be able to follow along with the talks across both days conveniently and remotely.

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A schedule hasn’t been published for Google I/O yet. Right now, the site is pretty barebones, with merely a countdown ticker, the option to register, and the loops playing back music.

Historically, Google I/O is more than just a developer conference. Although that is its clear focus, with talks on various subjects for developers spread out across the days, the company also makes feature announcements and sometimes even reveals new hardware there. The Pixel 3a, for example, was announced at Google I/O 2019, and lots of features for services like the Assistant, Google Maps, and Chrome were first revealed at the event. Google may also release an Android 13 Beta to coincide with it, as it has in the past.

The primary and developer keynotes, which kick off the event, are typical highlights and worth watching if you’re curious about Google’s plans for the upcoming year. Paired with the fall Made By Google event, it’s one of the two biggest bashes the company throws, and you can expect we’ll cover it in detail.

UPDATE: 2022/03/16 17:43 EST BY RYNE HAGER

Date revealed

Our coverage has been updated with the date, since revealed by Sundar Pichai after the puzzle was apparently solved.

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