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12 years ago, exactly on October 22, 2009, the release of Windows 7 took place. Since then, Microsoft has released 4 operating systems and even so, we can find thousands of users of this version. Windows 7 is even the most used version of Windows in the world after Windows 10. It is for this reason that Google has extended Chrome support in Windows 7 for another year.

This was recently disclosed by the company, which had previously announced a date to stop bringing updates to the browser.

Windows 7 will enjoy Google Chrome until 2023

If you are currently a Windows 7 user, you should know that the update is a task that you have pending for a long time. These processes are important above all for security, considering that, in the 4 versions that have been released, multiple gaps have been corrected. Despite the solvency of Windows 10, many users do not intend to abandon Windows 7 even though Microsoft has already withdrawn support. However, Google did the opposite and has extended Chrome support for Windows 7 until 2023.

Previously, the company had set January 15, 2022 as the deadline to end support. However, Google’s motivations may have a lot to do with the share of users that Windows 7 still has. That is why the extension of the support period to bring updates when browsing in this version of Windows is extended for another year.

Although this is good news for its users, the urgent need to update computers must be highlighted. We are talking about an operating system that has 4 versions ahead and that is synonymous with privacy and security risks in general. In that sense, having a recent version of the browser will not help protect our data if the version of Windows is still old.

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