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The OS’s coolest features have been talked about, just not the OS itself

Google’s close working relationship with Samsung is no secret. Both companies have appeared hand-in-hand in several commercials lately, with the common theme being that Samsung devices feature some of the best Google-branded tools Android can offer. But Samsung, despite being the mammoth in terms of market share, is still only one of the many brands that contribute to Android’s popularity. So to perhaps even the playing field, Google thought it’d be wise to advertise those features on other OEMs, and it’s done just that with a new brand page on


Titled “Devices with Google,” the storefront brings in some of the most familiar names in the Android space, namely OnePlus, Samsung, Motorola, and Pixel, highlighting how integrated Google Search, built-in Google apps, and Google’s security perks work together to make your life easier on these devices (via 9to5Google). Each of those brands gets its own subpage with a specific feature highlighted in blue, befitting its selling points. For example, OnePlus underlines its speedy performance: “The best of Google security meets extra fast processing power.”

Funnily, none of the pages mention the word “Android” at all. This probably has something to do with Google’s push for Android devices that can use the services it offers — like the ones featured on the storefront — over the likes of Huawei, which doesn’t ship with the Play Store thanks to trade restrictions in the US. Then there’s also Amazon which sells a ton of devices with Alexa, eating into Assistant’s market share, and Google’s just trying to push its voice assistant over rivals for obvious reasons.

An Android phone not running Google products isn’t worth nearly as much to the company, which is why we are seeing advertisements like these more often. People don’t always buy Android phones just for Google services, but it’s growing more apparent that the search engine giant wants them to.

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