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Following last week’s update, which added the ability to change fonts and font sizes through the main parts of your Google Form in order to change the look and feel, Google is now adding rich text formatting to allow for further customization. This is another highly-requested feature that Google Forms users have been requesting for some time, and Google is delivering.

The new feature lets you use bolding, underlining, italicizing, hyperlinks, and lists in titles, question titles, and descriptions. This, combined with the new font options, will give users a plethora of options to make sure their creation is unique and that it emphasizes just the right parts of the form. To access it, just create a new form, add or edit your text, then select the desired formatting option.

This is rolling out to all Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic, Business customers, and users with personal Google Accounts. The rollout will begin with Rapid Release domains today and may take up to two weeks. Scheduled Release domains won’t start seeing it until July 19th; however, that rollout should take only 1-3 days.

Google Forms is already one of the more widely used tools for corporations and individuals to collect information from others; however, these latest updates are just putting it on a whole new level. I can see this being used quite a bit to create more eye-catching event invitations to RSVP or even in the education space to create something more kid-friendly. Good on you, Google, for improving this already amazing tool.

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