Google Fi’s new W+ network improves coverage without a single new tower | #android | #security

What you need to know

  • Google Fi’s W+ uses Wi-Fi networks in public areas such as malls and airports to give Google Fi customers better coverage than LTE or 5G connections alone.
  • W+ is first available to Google Pixel users running the latest update of Android 12 with W+ enabled in settings.
  • Data on W+ is treated the same as any other data on the Fi network and counts towards your plan’s data usage unlike using a standard Wi-Fi connection.

One of Google Fi’s best tricks has always been its ability to switch between multiple networks on the fly so its customers could get better coverage than any single network could provide. While the number of phones that support network switching has continued to grow, Pixel users have a new trick available to them with W+.

As identified by 9to5Google, W+ uses Wi-Fi in participating public areas as cellular coverage automatically when LTE or 5G coverage isn’t at its best. This is most common in places like airports, malls, or stadiums.

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