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Google offers several features and services that can make your life easier. From Gmail, Google Books, Google Charts, Google Assistant, and more.

However, there is one feature that goes under the radar: Google Collections.

What is Google Collections?

Google Collections is a feature that is similar to Pinterest, but it is built into Google Search, according to 9to5Google.

First introduced in 2018, this feature allows you to save your search results from images, bookmarks, and map locations, to check afterward. You can then organize them into groups called “Collections.”

In 2020, the search giant made suggestions about items you can add to your Collections based on your Google Search history.

This is because those who use the Google Search feature often forget to save the web pages they need, making it challenging to retrieve them.

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When this happens, users will dig through their Google Search History to find the page they lost.

Google believes that using AI can improve the overall process by helping users create collections, so they can easily find the pages they need.

How Google Collections Work

So how does Google Collections work? After you have visited a page on Google Search via the app or the mobile version, the search giant will immediately group together the similar pages that are related to the things that you looked for.

The site will then prompt you to save them to Google Collections so you can easily go back and check on them later.

Once you are ready to check your saved pages, just go to Collections under the Collections tab in the app or through the side menu on the web version.

If you do not want to use Google Collections, you can turn off the feature under Settings. Otherwise, it is enabled by default, according to TechDippers.

Google’s Inspiration Behind Collections

According to Fox News, the Pinterest-like feature aims to keep users from venturing off Google to other websites where they can save and organize pages, images, and other things they are interested in.

‘The Collections’ feature can also be used by online shoppers, so they don’t have to go from one page to another.

Google also rolled out an update for its Google Shopping feature, so users can shop directly from their search results.

For users, Google Collections is created to encourage them to put their searchers into groups for later access.

But for the company, Google Collections can help them to keep the users on the site, getting them to shop on Google and stay there, no matter what their interests are.

The feature may lure users in as an easy way to organize their pages, but ultimately, it will allow users to develop a habit of saving their searches to Google.

Once the Collection is ready, Google will point you to other related items like images, websites, and more. It will also serve as a new way to get users to search for more pages.

Google can immediately send users to related pages without users having to type in the search query. Users can share their content and suggestions worldwide.

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