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Google Cloud is now looking for crypto experts to help the company enter the blockchain industry. 

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Right now, the cryptocurrency market is becoming more accepted by more individuals and companies across the globe. 

Now, the search engine giant is joining the blockchain trend. As of the moment, Google, Amazon, and other cloud-computing companies offer centralized businesses. 

However, Google Cloud wants to change this after announcing that it will soon enter the decentralized blockchain industry. 

Google Cloud To Hire Blockchain Experts

According to CNBC’s latest report, Google Cloud’s Head of Strategy for Digital Assets, Richard Widmann, confirmed this detail. 

Google Cloud To Hire Crypto Experts! Company Now Entering Blockchain Market

(Photo : Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
The Google Cloud logo is seen on a notebook at the Google Germany offices on August 31, 2021 in Berlin, Germany. Google has announced it will invest EUR one billion in a variety of projects in Germany, with most of the money going to 23 wind and solar energy projects to be operational by 2030. The effort aims to supply electricity from renewable sources for Google’s Germany data centers.

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He announced that the cloud-computing giant is now looking for blockchain professionals to join them in their new venture. 

“We think that if we do our jobs right, it will drive decentralization,” said Widmann. 

As of the moment, Google Cloud already offers various tools and services that can help develop blockchain networks. On the other hand, the tech firm also has various blockchain consumers, such as Theta Labs, Hedera, and Dapper Labs. 

Widmann also said that Google Cloud is planning what blockchain services it will offer soon.  

Google Cloud’s Other Activities 

SiliconAngle reported that Google Cloud is also quite busy with other innovations. Aside from entering the blockchain industry, the tech company also launched a new startup program for its cloud service. 

The new “Google for Startups Cloud Program” ensures that other companies will benefit more from Google Cloud’s products and services.

This new project also allows consumers to enjoy one year of free access to the Google Cloud service. If you want to see more details about this new program, you can visit this link. 

In other news, a Google Chrome update is expected to release a new critical Android feature. Meanwhile, Google Project Iris was found in an AR headset. 

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