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The Indian government’s CERT-in agency has issued a high severity warning against multiple vulnerabilities in both Google Chrome OS and Mozilla Firefox products. These bugs can result in users getting hacked.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) has flagged multiple vulnerabilities in both Google Chrome OS and various Mozilla Firefox products. According to the government agency, these flaws and vulnerabilities can allow hackers and malicious programs to disclose sensitive user data, bypass restrictions, execute arbitrary codes to perform actions remotely and even cause denial of service (DoS) attacks on the targeted system. This is an urgent and high-risk issue and accordingly CERT has also classified the vulnerability as a high severity issue. So, what can users do to protect themselves from these threats? Read on to find out. Also read: This malware is pure evil! It simply leaves you in danger; slap hackers THIS way

Taking it to Twitter on June 6, CERT said, “Cert-In has published Vulnerability Notes on its Website”. It followed with its website links highlighting the vulnerabilities in both Google Chrome OS as well as various Mozilla Firefox products. The agency also mentioned the particular version of software where these vulnerabilities exist. For Google Chrome OS, versions prior to 96.0.4664.209 are seriously affected. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox iOS version prior to 101, Mozilla Firefox Thunderbird version prior to 91.10, Mozilla Firefox ESR version prior to 91.10 and Mozilla Firefox version 101 all contain vulnerabilities according to CERT.

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CERT-in finds multiple vulnerabilities in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

According to the agency, the identified vulnerabilities are dangerous as they can virtually give the entire control of the victim’s system to the hacker, letting them do as they please, While the hacker can easily steal sensitive data and bypass restrictions to execute a command on the victim’s system, it can also cause denial of service attacks. For the unaware, a DoS attack occurs when users are unable to access information systems, devices or other resources on their own system due to being hacked. Also read: Digital loan apps scams: Man blackmailed over loan. It can happen to you; just don’t do this

However, users do not need to be worried. Both Google and Mozilla have released patches addressing these vulnerabilities and fixing all the bugs. So, if users do not want to get hacked, have their data stolen or be locked out of their own system, it is strongly recommended that they immediately update their software. Google Chrome OS users can update to version 96.0.4664.209 while Mozilla users can upgrade to Mozilla Firefox iOS 101, Firefox Thunderbird 91.10, Firefox ESR 91.10 and Mozilla Firefox 101.

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