Google Chrome Might Soon Alert You About Weak Passwords | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

It’s not currently available on the ChromeOS developer channel yet, but About Chromebooks says the code can be enabled with “chrome://flags#password-strength-indicator” once it’s out. It should be released in the very near future, and attempting to activate the feature now wouldn’t hurt, even if you’re still early.

One benefit to ChromeOS making its own password strength recommendations is that not every website offers the same courtesy when new accounts are created. And unless it’s a requirement, most of us aren’t very likely to put too much thought into making a more complex password. This way, more people could be encouraged to protect their accounts just a little bit better.

This extends to already existing passwords as well. Even if you’ve held onto an account for years, the password strength indicator will let you know if what you’re using is weak or not when you attempt to change it for any reason. And if what you had planned isn’t considered strong enough, you can always update it to something a bit tougher to crack.

Similarly, as useful and highly recommended as password managers are, they aren’t being used universally. So password management coupled with these nudges to use stronger passwords act as another way to incrementally improve users’ online safety. Assuming they actually follow the guidance of the strong password recommendations, anyway. It won’t do them much good if they ignore it.

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