Google Chrome just got a big upgrade for controlling your privacy — what you need to know | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

Back at I/O 2020, Google revealed that the Chrome browser was getting redesigned (opens in new tab) privacy and security settings — all with the goal of making those settings easier to understand. Now, almost two years later, Google is taking that a step further with a new “Privacy Guide”.

The purpose of the new privacy guide is to offer a step-by-step tour of Chrome’s privacy and security settings. Combined with simple language and visual aids, the idea is to help users better understand exactly what all these settings mean — and what benefits or consequences are involved.

Settings menus can seem daunting and unorganized if you don’t know where to go. Even if you do, understanding the options you find isn’t the easiest thing in the world. So breaking all that down, so you don’t feel you need some sort of advanced IT degree to understand what it’s saying, is going to be a huge benefit.

Chrome’s Privacy Guide in action (Image credit: Google)

Right now Privacy Guide includes controls for cookies, history sync, Safe Browsing and the “Make Searches and browsing Better” option. 

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